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December / 13 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 24 / 1439

SAT/PSAT Preparation Workshops


The ZF DE Center regularly holds 6-week PSAT/SAT sessions throughout the year to help students increase their scores on the two nation-wide exams.  Registered students take weekly full-length practice tests with proctors and are given detailed reports of their progress each week.  Math instructors go over all math problems on the tests and English teachers review the vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar sections with the students.  Essays are graded online by experienced ZF volunteers outside of Delaware.  Students additionally learn over 200 new vocabulary words each session.  


On average, SAT students have raised their points 200-400 points and PSAT students have raised their points 10-20 points (100-200 compared to SAT) in just one session.  One of our previous SAT students received 2200 on the actual SAT test, whereas the student originally had an 1800 on his first practice test at the ZF Center.  He also received a perfect score on the math portion of the real SAT.  One PSAT student was on the 99 percentile range after taking her actual test, becoming a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship awarded to high PSAT-scorers.


With a large group of dedicated DE volunteers, the students receive basically 1-1 help with teachers who concentrate on the students’ personal weaknesses, which allows them to gain full benefit from these workshops.  We believe that, with hard work, you too can succeed.  


Register now for the upcoming SAT/PSAT Prep Fall 2014 Workshop.  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information & to register.  Registration Deadline: Sept. 5, 2014


2014 10 Week Fall Session:  Sept. 14-Nov. 18
5 Tests on Saturdays:  Sept. 13, 27, Oct. 11, 25, Nov. 8
Review Sessions Tuesdays 6-8pm   



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