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December / 13 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 24 / 1439

Youth Humanitarian Projects

ZF DE believes youth are an important part of our community and thrive by taking on responsibility.  ZF youth are encouraged to start humanitarian and volunteering projects to help their communities.  During the past few years, ZF youth have implemented a number of projects, helping people throughout the world.  They have demonstrated profound skill, determination, and passion for their work and are encouraged to continue doing their part to make a difference in their world.


USA Youth Well Project

What started in 2012 as an attempt of a few kids to raise money for a well in Somalia turned into a country-wide effort to reach a goal of 100 wells in 2012.  The DE youth were able to raise money to build 23 wells in various villages throughout drought-stricken regions of Africa, a sum of money totaling $57,500 in 2012 alone.  This project is ongoing, with a goal to raise money for at least one well each year.  


99 Orphans Project

The 99 Orphans Project began in 2013, led by a determined group of 20 youth.  The team members were able to achieve their goal of sponsoring 99 orphans in only four months.  They raised over $35,000 through creative events and money-making ventures.  Having recruited other teams in states throughout the US, they hope to continue helping their 99 orphans every year.  


Rescue Rangers 

The ZF Rescue Rangers are young children, ranging from ages 6-10.  After the devastating Typhoon Haiyan swept away the homes of thousands of Filipino citizens in 2013, the Rescue Rangers began raising funds for them.  Having fed over 100 families in the Philippines, they are currently raising money to build roofs for the Haiyan victims.



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