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December / 11 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 22 / 1439

4th ZF Nomination Wins Governor's Youth Volunteer Service Award

ZF's NE Director Murat Kose's Nomination will receive Governor's Youth Volunteer Service Award today
In February of 2015, ZF's NE Director Murat Kose nominated Yusuf Patel for the "Social Justic/Advocacy" award category for Yusuf's work in advocacy, education, and community service in the past few years. Yusuf illustrated remarkable maturity for his age, and was an advocate for the rare disease awareness and organ and tissue donor awareness campaigns in the local schools and at the ZF DE Community Center. His voice was heard in both local school districts and ZF Center events. He created a brief video presentation of his transplant journey giving hope to those who are still on the transplant waiting list. Our community is largely made up of immigrants from Southeast and Asia and the Middle East, many of whom are not aware about the subject of organ donation. Yusuf's efforts have resulted in a remarkable increase in awareness. A number of people have signed up as organ donors. Thanks to Yusuf and his well wishers, Rare Disease Awareness has been consistently commemorated at the ZF Community Center since 2012.
Murat Kose says: "Watching Yusuf over the years has been a truly inspiring experience for myself and the volunteers at the ZF Center of which I am director. I look forward to great things from Yusuf in the future based on his willingness to serve and his dedication to his community.
We are proud of you Yusuf Patel and may you always be an example of endurance and service to those in need of organ donation. Congratulations on being selected as a recipient of the Governor's Youth Volunteer Service Award in 2015.



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