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December / 11 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 22 / 1439

ZF Water Miners Win theFirst Prize in Annual Rain Barrel Contest!

         Zakat Foundation of America: Delaware team recognizes each and every member of the ZF Waterminers team  that contributed to the award winning master piece of art: "The Ocean Beauty", the rain barrel that won the first place this year. All the fourteen young students : Mirac Kekik, Furkan Kose, Nur Kose, Yusuf Kose, Merve Kekik, Sa’ad Ali Khan, Yusuf Patel, Aarib Syed, Aadil Syed, Hana Hubert, Yousuf Ahmed, Adeeba Allimulla, Huda Kose, Ruhi Khan, who belong to the  ZF Water Miners team were given certificates by Murat Kose, the East Coast Director in recognition of their hard work, and group effort.

           The First Place award for the rain barrel was announced by Governor Jack Markell at the Delaware State Fair in Harrington on the 30th of July. The design, drawing, and painting of the barrel was a group effort and the children were proud and excited to share one of their many learning experiences through art. The group under the direction of Sis. Barbara Hashem worked meticulously to decorate the rain barrel and write a short description to submit to DNREC in an effort to educate the community on benefits of using the rain barrels to reduce pollution and improve quality of life.



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