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December / 11 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 22 / 1439

Dhulhijjah Activities 2015



It is indeed Allah’s benevolence upon us that He showers us with the First ten days of Dhulhijjah, full of blessings, mercy and opportunities to gain more rewards. Here at Zakat Foundation Center  we continued the tradition of encouraging each other to do more good deeds collectively at this time of the year. The ZF Center started out with an event for young children in the community where they watched a short video about Hajj and heard real experience of a man going to Hajj through the video. They got to do fun art with sis. Barbara,who is a committed volunteer at the center always ready with a smile to work with our children.  The team of Zf volunteers also visited a senior and enjoyed her company while having lunch at the senior’s home.

  As a part of the Dhulhijjah activities the kids in the community made awesome art projects like prayer beads, edible udhiya animals with cupcakes, cute animals for display while learning about the animals used for Qurbani . Sis. Mobina helped them with a colorful Sun for display that made children think about some things out of the many that they are thankful to Allah for. Children had a great time learning and developing their creativity through art while having fun with Sister. Mobina. Our Monthly bake sale and Hadith competition also happened to fall in these ten days of Dhulhijjah that the community participated in to help collect money for the Syrian refugees and leaning hadith to please Allah. The children also participated in a toy drive to donate the toys to the foster kids in Delaware. Dhulhijjah ended with a scrumptious potluck iftar/dinner on the day of Arafat where many of our volunteer families including the students at the University of Delaware joined together at the ZF Center, The sisters even went one step further by forming a secret sister group, where they cooked for their sisters, gave good advice to each other, shared the gems of wisdom from the Quran, and exchanged gifts on the day of Arafat. Hope these invaluable acts of giving, love, compassion and spreading smiles continues every year to bring us closer to Allah.



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