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December / 11 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 22 / 1439

ZF at Diyanet Center MD


NE ZF Director gave a speech on Community Service at the Kotku Conference held this Thanksgiving at Diyanet Center, Lanham MD.  He started with the Prophet's, peace be upon him, words:

"Spread the greeeting(peace) amongst yourselves, feed the needy, maintain a strong family relationship, pray during the night while others are asleep, and you will enter Jannah safe and sound."


He went on to say how the above are quite easy to do in one's life & how one should commit to a minimum of 2 hours a week in the service of others.  He gave examples of many of ZF's service projects in the US:  Mentoring a child, cooking at Ronald McDonalds & feeding the homeless, road cleaning, joining a humanitarian project to positively affect those in need overseas and more.  

Many people came to the ZF table throughout the weekend conference to find out more about ZF projects in 40 countries and to ask more specific ways in which they could volunteer in their state. 

ZF staff also held children workshops in which kids made pillows and had various arts & craft projects to complete throughout the weekend.  



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