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December / 11 / 2017
Rabi' al-awwal / 22 / 1439


2013 PSAT/SAT Tutoring


PSAT/SAT Tutoring

ZF DE had 4 6 week PSAT/SAT sessions in 2013.   Students took tests on Sundays 8-12pm.  Each student was given a detailed report of their progress each week.  Math teachers went over each math problem on their tests on Tuesdays and English teachers went over vocabulary, reading comprehension & grammar sections on Thursdays.  Essays are graded online by ZF volunteers outside of Delaware.

SAT students on average raised their points 200-400 points and PSAT students raised their points 10-20 points(100-200 compared to SAT).  They also go over 250 new vocabulary words every session.  

One of our previous SAT students received 2200 on the actual SAT test, whereas the student had 1800 when he first came to our session.  One PSAT student got 99% on her actual test, becoming a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship awarded to high PSAT-scorers.

With 6 DE volunteers, the students received basically 1-1 help with teachers concentrating on the students’ personal weaknesses and alhamdulillah they benefitted tremendously from Zakat Foundation’s Fall 2013 PSAT/SAT Prep.

Some testimonials from those who have taken the Prep courses:

"I have been taking SAT classes at the ZF Center in Delaware for nearly 2 years, and Alhamdulillah, I have learned a lot of things that I will remember for a long time. ZF is a great service to the fellow community and I believe that the ZF is a great way of expanding fellow Muslims’ knowledge in a healthy, Islamic environment. I would like to personally thank all the teachers and fellow Muslims at the ZF Center for all that they have done for me and the community as a whole. I hope that in the future, Inshallah, that I and the community expand our efforts to aid fellow Muslims in need of anything and for the ZF to prosper." -Aamir Majeed

"The summer before my junior year, I became a volunteer at the Zakat Foundation Center in Delaware. When I learned of the ZF Center's SAT review sessions, I enrolled immediately. After a few months of learning from the dedicated teachers at the ZF Center, my scores improved greatly. When I received the results of my exam in the fall, I was ecstatic to see a 400 point increase from my first practice exam. I am grateful to the teachers of the ZF Center for their passion and ability to help me tackle problems I once thought were too difficult." - Tasneem

Youth Self-Development Workshops

A number of workshops are intended to benefit an important part of our community: the youth.  The future leaders of our world, today's youth should have the qualities necessary for leaders.  Throughout the past few years, we have offered workshops to provide confidence and determination in our youth.  These include:


  • No to Bullying Workshop
  • Islamic Principles Workshops
  • Growing up with God: Girls' Adolescence Workshop

Parenting Workshops

To improve family relationships, ZF offers the important service of parenting workshops.  These workshops are taught by an experienced and certified employee of Child Inc. who wishes to see you and your family succeed.  


Upcoming parenting workshops will be featured on the Events page.  

Family Counseling

ZF provides family counseling to many families in the area.

Bake Sales

ZF's monthly bake sales are always a special treat for the entire family.  Everyone looks forward to the international cuisine they will enjoy and the pleasure they gain from helping those in need during each bake sale.  Each month's bake sale is intended to support a different humanitarian cause in the world.  Often managed by the youth, the bake sales demonstrate the benefit of including all members of the family when it comes to serving others.  


If you would like to participate in the bake sales by cooking food, volunteering your time, or donating money to a cause, contact us at 302-533-2334 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

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